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Our commitment to quality and service is why owners chose Prime Asset Management to manage thousands of apartments units throughout San Diego County. Our large portfolio of income properties range from single family homes, buildings, offices, commercial properties, condominiums, shopping centers, to large multi-unit apartment complexes.

About the company

We are a full service property management company, committed to providing tenants and owners with sound performance, open communication, and trust. Our team of knowledgeable and licensed real estate professionals ensure tenant expectations are met, and owner expectations for income are maximized. We treat each and every property like it were our own.

Our dedicated and experienced property managers are licensed real estate professionals, with years of experience, and knowledge of fair housing laws and local regulations. Our accountants ensure rents are processed under Bureau of Real Estate guidelines, that vendor invoices are paid on-time, and financial reports are prepared to owner specifications. Our maintenance coordinator ensures tenant repair requests are completely quickly, using our network of experienced and low-cost vendors. Our support staff makes sure tenant and owner communications are responded to, and all paperwork is filed. And at our larger properties the resident managers ensure properties are fully occupied, and are running smoothly.

At Prime Asset Management, our team is ready to exceed your expectations.

The mission

about the mission

We have great success in making sure that these properties are leased to qualified residents and that they are properly maintained. Lingam Properties in Los Angeles approaches property management as an income-generating business. We are not doing our job if we do not keep your expenses low and your income high. To do this Lingam Properties maintains a high standard of reliability and accountability, and gives owners the true peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is in the best hands possible.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, property investor or an experienced apartment owner, Lingam Properties in Los Angeles can assist you with all your real estate needs.

We manage many properties including single family homes, commercial office space, apartment complexes, gated communities, equestrian and more. Our office staff includes licensed real estate agents with years of market expertise and knowledge, a full service accounting team, maintenance coordinator/inspector and office administrator to meet your real estate needs.

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